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Hello, I'm very pleased to announce that my MARKWALLISGREYHOUNDS 'RACING CLUB' is now starting its third year. My idea is to allow fans of greyhound racing to become owners at affordable prices at what many would consider the leading kennel in the country. After an initial £500 joining fee our Club costs just £30 per month (less than £1 a day), there are no hidden extras and using pages on our website, which are password locked, Members have full access to the latest news, results, videos of races and plans for the club greyhounds. All trials, pictures, stats and club accounts are fully visible and provide an interactive forum for Members to answer any questions and socialise. I can honestly say I expect our Club in time to be the leading 'Racing Club' in Greyhound racing.

To celebrate our first anniversary we held a Social Evening at Yarmouth Stadium at the end of October and here is a photo of some of our members presenting the trophy the winner of our sponsored race.

This year the Social Evening will be held at Towcester on its opening night on 6th December which will be a very special evening for all concerned and the Club Members will be able to enjoy the facilities of the Towcester Hospitality Suites.



As you may be aware our kennel had a fabulous 2012 having landed a second Greyhound Derby when Blonde Snapper was victorious and won a fourth Trainers Championship title in 8 years. We have been one of the most successful kennels in the modern era since my mother in law Linda Jones first set up at our Lakenheath base in 1989 (read history on home page) and when Reel Trickyone won the Coral Essex Vase in 2013 he was the 50th Category 1 winner to have graced Imperial Kennels. His win also formed part of a fantastic last couple of months of 2013 which brought us our 5th Champion Trainer title. 2014 has thankfully been just as successful for Imperial Kennels and we are well on target to retain the Champion Trainers title.

Our 'Racing Club' gives Members the chance to be a part of the future success of our kennel and who knows our Club Greyhounds may add to the star studded list of big race winners. We have already had our first Category One finalist when Saffrons Anna finished 3rd in the Romford Puppy Cup Final in September.

Our Club aims will be to keep it simple. The £500 joining fee will be solely used for the purchase of Club Greyhounds and for every 10 members we get a new purchase will be made. This by simple maths gives us around £5,000 to spend on each dog which will enable me to buy some decent greyhounds. Over the years I have built up some superb relationships and contacts in England, Scotland and of course Ireland. From the very top breeders to the best agents I will source our Club Greyhounds and with a bit of luck we can get the next 'Blonde Snapper' or 'Kinda Ready'. I will always try to buy young greyhounds that can start off in puppy races, occasionally if I feel that our club greyhounds need a bit of experience before they go into opens then I will give them some graded races at Yarmouth a top class track with superb facilities and very soon at Towcester. If I feel that they don't reach the level expected I will consult with members as to whether to sell them or keep them but ultimately our aim is for the Club's Greyhounds to be able to run in competitions and opens and whereever possible to run on Sky or RPGTV to give members the best chance to watch them run.

The £30 per month pays all the kennel bills which include, travel expenses, physio, vet bills (up to a £100), wormers and anything else other trainers would charge extra. All Greyhounds will have their welfare put first and will all be retired to good loving homes either by ourselves or an RGT re homing scheme. I have set a few racing rules out below that would need to be agreed to by all Members before joining.

Here is the other good part as well for all members, ALL prize money (win and also rans) won by Club Greyhounds will be split the following way:-

34% of prize money will be put towards paying Members back in a dividend on October 31st . I will work out when Members have joined and they will be entitled to an equal share from when they first joined. The year will start again on November 1st . Any Member who drops out of the Club before October 31st will not be entitled to any prize money dividend in that year.

33% of prize money won will go towards the future purchases of Greyhounds for the club and as I see it the more successful the Club Greyhounds are the better the future purchases will be. All Members will be consulted on decisions. Any Greyhounds that win £1000 or more in a race or final will have a 10% deduction to go directly to my staff to reward their hard work.

33% of prize money will go to administration costs, this will cover all the expenses for running the website and the Club. As well as myself I have two people working on the club to provide all the latest news, results etc and to cover all added extra expenditure that we might incur.

I hope that covers everything and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Please spread the word and join our fantastic 'Racing Club'. I'm sure the Club would also make a great present for someone so don't miss out and join now!

Ring or email me with your full name and address and I will send you a welcome letter with bank details for you to set up your initial payment and standing order and the full rules of the Racing Club.

As you will see from below the Club is growing fast with some outstanding purchases so don't miss out on this great opportunity!





Saffrons Anna



(Droopys Scolari-Dash on Lucy)
Black bitch
November 2012






Saffrons Champ


(Cashen Legend-Fair Fantasy)
Brindle Dog
August 2012






Saffrons Roxsy



(El Grand Senor-Airforce Roxsy)
Black bitch
December 2012










All information on our dogs' trials and races will be instantly available to see on our Members own password locked pages as well as any other information relating to the 'Racing Club' so please sign up now to enjoy the experience of ownership with the best kennel in the land!

Just ring or email me as below with your full address and I will send you full details to join the Club.



or 01842 860579
or email racing





Kinda Ready Winning
Kinda Ready Scales
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