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Energize Kennels


I'm very excited to introduce our fabulous new partnership with the Energize Kennels run by breeder Gary Goulden and our all conquering Imperial Kennels which gives both new owners and current owners the chance to buy top quality pups from some of our best race bitches that have ever graced our kennel over the last few years. The likes of Evanta Fantasy, Evanta Evita, Saffrons Anna, Ribble Atom and Saffrons Bonnie are all superbly well bred and were household names for our kennel and should produce top class pups. This is a unique opportunity to have a pup from 3 months + old and see it develop into a race dog trained by myself and my team.

I've known Gary for about nine years and it's been a pleasure working with him, he has great knowledge of the whole sport and is set to become one of the leading breeders in Ireland. As you can see below his kennels and facilities are first class set in a beautiful part of North West Ireland just outside Sligo. We as a kennel deal in quality and our record shows that we can produce extraordinary results on the track and Gary exemplifies this with how his pups are reared and schooled, they will have nothing but the best in both feeding and exercise and all other aspects of breeding

All his pups that are bred and schooled at Energize Kennels will be coming to our kennel to begin their racing careers with us at Henlow. Their space in our kennel will be guaranteed once they are ready to come over and all prices of the pups for sale include rearing, schooling and delivered to us. I will then take them in at a reduced kennel bill until they complete their qualifying trials, a full guarantee of being able to grade and non fighting will be given. If the pups are bought and in the unlikely event of them not chasing etc whilst schooling at Gary's a part refund or a replacement pup will be given. These kind of guarantees are rare in our sport but we will always look after our customers.

The new Energize pages will be updated regularly with the latest pups for sale, pictures, videos, and schooling trial times and a monthly newsletter from Gary. Any pups bought will also have a full report through different stages of their careers and Gary will welcome any owners who would like to travel to Ireland to see their development first hand.

Contact myself or Gary if you would like to be involved.

Mark Wallis

Energize Kennels are owned by myself Gary Goulden and are based just outside of Sligo in the Northwest of Ireland on the beatiful Atlantic coast line. Here we give our puppies every opportunity in life. We pride ourselves on the health and well-being of all of our dogs by providing a healthy balanced diet, as we take them right through from puppy stage until ready for racing. 

We have large pens for puppy rearing from 4 months to 11 months. There are three in total with plans to add more as required. The pens are 100 metres long and have a sand run on each of the adjoining fences with sawdust at each end for pulling up.

The large pens are set up the same as the gallop with 8 inches of sand, membrane with one foot of broken stone and drainage pipe.  Like the gallop, these take constant work ie watering, harrowing, levelling and topping up.

The logic behind the sand in the pens is due to pups doing their main running alongside the fences and the sand will help in keeping them injury free in all weather conditions.


The pups are let run free in the pens from 6.30am until 10pm and in between this they are housed in pairs in a building attached to the pens.

The pups also have access to large fields for free running next door to the large pens and an array of large deserted beaches nearby.






We have a 200 metre gallop with bend and uphill for schooling pups with starting traps and drag. 


The gallop is made up of  8 inches of sika sand, then membrane with one foot of broken stone and draining pipe. It is constantly maintained by watering, harrowing, levelling and topping up. Having tried all surfaces I find this the best for keeping dogs injury free.





The main kennel block for dogs in schooling and broods has space for 24 dogs and is  fully covered by CCTV. 


On the property we also have three whelping kennels for the broods and their pups. These have individual concrete runs and one run is also interconnected to a large sand run.


All the whelping kennels are also covered by CCTV to monitor the bitch prior to and after whelping.




There are also concrete turnout yards, kitchen, stores and sand runs with adjoining kennels.


There are plans to construct additional covered-in empty out yards along with extra rearing pens and we are also planning to add a whirly-gig and swimming pool.

Gary Goulden